About Us

Fast Home Offer has been connecting motivated home sellers with real estate agents and investors for over 13 years.

We now operate in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Established 2002

Get in the Deal Flow

Are you wondering how your competitors are getting all those deals? Growing your real estate business is all about access to highly motivated home sellers.
Fast Home Offer has been helping real estate investors, agents and brokers for the past 11 years acheive success by working with motivated sellers.

High Quality Motivated Sellers - Just For You

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Amazing Motivated Home Sellers

Stop Wasting Time.  We connect you with people who want to sell their house fast. No Gimmicks. No Contracts.



exclusive to you


speed of lead to you



No Hidden Fees

Simple, per-lead pricing.

Dramatic Growth

Skyrocket your profits. Many agents and investors rely 100% on Fast Home Offer leads.

Success Coaching

We've worked with thousands of real estate pros.  We'll help you succeed.


We don't send leads out to multiple people.  It's bad for you, it's bad for the home owner.  It's just bad.

Real-Time Transfer

When a home seller contacts us, you receive their information within 1 second.  Guaranteed.

No Contracts

We believe in our program.  No long-term contracts to lock you in.  Cancel any time. 

Check Availability in Your Area

With thousands of sellers a month contacting us, we probably have an opening for you to join!


“We carry around 550 listings at a time, 250-300 of which are motivated home sellers, and your service is the best source for connecting with motivated home sellers we have ever used. I highly recommend this program to all my coaching clients!”

Michael Hellickson

“You are our number one lead source, and we are now a top ranked company in our area.  Thank you!”

Samantha Weitzel
Broker, SWG Realty

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